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California Municipal Law Blog
Karen A. Feld

How to Effectively “SLAPP” Back

by Karen A. Feld on July 4, 2016

posted in Damages,

SLAPP stands for “strategic lawsuit against public participation” and is perfectly named. The whole point of the lawsuit is to intimidate people into submission. The goal is not necessarily to win the case; it is to make life so difficult and expensive Continue Reading

Howell and Uninsured Plaintiffs

by Karen A. Feld on October 19, 2015

posted in Damages,

A new case came out from the 4th District Court of Appeal applying the Howell rule to uninsured plaintiffs. Bermudez v. Ciolex. The plaintiff in this case was an uninsured pedestrian.  His medical bills were $450,000, none of which were paid.  He requested Continue Reading

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